Peace By Piece Stained Glass     Greeneville, TN.  - "If You Can Dream It, I can Make It"
Custom Designed Stained Glass
windows, wall hangings and unique art pieces.
see photos below...

Peace By Piece owner, Sandy Sgrillo, specializes and  focuses on nature and wildlife. She also designs classic Victorian styles and one-of-a-kind pieces. She work with individuals, and designs for homes, cabin rentals, businesses, churches,  restaurants, nightclubs or any other type of business.
Several different types of  glass are incorporated in her windows, such as colorful cathedrals, wispy translucents, opaques and clear textured glass. She uses the classic "Tiffany" style manufacturing process, using copper foil wrapping. It takes a little longer, but yields a more artistically beautiful result.
Have a peculiar shaped window? I can fill it!
Have a photo of a beloved pet? I can re-create it!
Searching for something different for a special
loved one?  Let me design it!
Below are some samples of designs that you may order, or you may create your own new design!  See Pricing Below.

Just when you thought you couldn't afford stained glass, well, now you can! Sandys' prices are reasonable and the quality of work is top of the line.
Prices range from $50-200 per square foot, and depends on the difficulty of the pattern selected, and not necessarily the size of the window. It also is determined by the style of glass chosen. A price will be quoted to you after you describe your needs and wants.
On CUSTOM orders, framing is an option and must be priced according to the size, shape, style and design. You can choose a frame style(wood or metal)while ordering  your custom window. 
Shipping estimates will be quoted before your window is started, however it may vary depending upon the destination. All windows are wrapped with bubble wrap, and placed securely between 2 pieces of cut plywood, which is then screwed together tightly. It is then packed in an oversized box with peanuts and packing materials. We do not experience much breakage or damage, however, all windows are insured to guarantee a replacement if damaged. I ship with  US Postal Service or UPS.
Peace By Piece offers one-on-one lessons to anyone over 12. The class is only 4 hours long, and you will learn everything you need to know to make stained glass windows using the authentic Tiffany-Foil method.
1. Cutting, scoring, and breaking glass. 
2. Grinding, fitting and pattern design.
 3. Copper foiling, soldering and polishing.
Peace By Piece supplies all glass, tools and supplies. At the end of the class, you get to bring home a small window that YOU made yourself!!  (Choose your own date and time). 
4 Hour Class -  $75 per person, limit one per class.

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